Byakkotai Memorial Hall

The Byakkotai Memorial Hall was established to convey to future generations the heroic stance of the Aizu clan warriors who tragically met their end in battle against the new government forces during the turmoil at the end of the Edo period, and the spirit of justice and heroism they pursued.

The memorial building is built at the foot of Mt. Iimori, close to where the Byakkotai warriors met their end. In the exhibition room, the Byakkotai warriors' belongings, photos, letters, and documents are displayed, giving visitors a glimpse into their lives and tragic endings. A panoramic movie is also on display to give visitors a realistic impression of the Byakkotai warriors' final days.

In addition, the Byakkotai Association, established by the bereaved families and comrades of the Byakkotai, is also active in carrying out activities to carry on the legacy of the Byakkotai soldiers. Several times a year, a memorial service is held on the anniversary of the deaths of the Byakkotai soldiers, and many people gather to remember them.

The Byakkotai Memorial Museum is one of the representative sightseeing spots in Aizu Wakamatsu City, where you can learn about the lives and final days of the Byakkotai.

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