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The castle is an impregnable masterpiece that holds back the water to the east, and the basin and the key transportation points to the north, south and west.
A rebellious Aizu, a fantastic castle dreamed up by Uesugi Kagekatsu and Naoe Kanetsugu.
nanuka-machi street
Streets that have developed along the major highways. Town development that makes use of the atmosphere of Taisho Romanticism.
A museum that displays valuable materials to learn about the history of Fukushima Prefecture.
A beautiful and elegant Japanese garden that was used by the Aizu domain lord.
A theme park where visitors can get a glimpse of the lives of the warriors of the Aizu Clan.
Learn about the history of sake made in Aizu, a region with famous water and one of the best rice-producing regions in Japan.
A museum of the Aizu Domain School, which provided advanced education.
A memorial hall that tells the tragedy of the Byakkotai to this day.
A museum displaying items related to the Byakkotai.
The ruins of the main camp at the foot of Takizawa Pass, near Mt.
A classic camera museum in a renovated sake brewery.
A historical lacquerware wholesaler's building and a museum with valuable materials on display.
A museum where you can learn about the folklore of the Okuaizu region.
A museum that displays a variety of materials that will help you learn about the history and folklore of the Minami-Aizu region.
A museum that exhibits many of Kiyoshi Saito's works, including prints.
The birthplace of Hideyo Noguchi, who devoted himself to the eradication of infectious diseases, and a museum that exhibits related materials.
A Western-style building in a perfect location overlooking Inawashiro.
An aquarium that exhibits freshwater creatures from the Bandai area.
A museum where visitors can learn about the folklore of the Inawashiro region.
A memorial hall where visitors can learn about the explosive eruption of Mt.

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