Okuaizu Museum

The Okuaizu Museum in Minamiaizu Town is a fascinating museum with a collection of approximately 23,000 valuable folk artifacts. Its purpose is to preserve and pass on the traditional culture of the Okuaizu region. The museum displays a wide variety of folk artifacts, ranging from historical items to modern-day crafts.

In the Okuaizu Museum of History and Folklore, the Umajuku, Someya, the former Inomata family residence, and the former Sanno teahouse have been relocated and recreated as a woodworking and charcoal-making hut. These exhibits provide invaluable information on the traditional culture and lifestyle of Okuaizu. In addition to the exhibits, visitors can learn more about the culture and history of Okuaizu through explanatory boards and video images.

The museum displays not only folk tools, but also paintings, photographs, and crafts. Among them, many traditional crafts are on display, including "Aizu lacquerware" and "Nishikawa textiles," which are famous in the Okuaizu region. These exhibits provide visitors with an opportunity to fully appreciate the crafts of the Oku-Aizu region.

The museum is surrounded by beautiful nature, and the surrounding mountains seen from the museum are spectacular. Visitors can experience the nature and culture of Okuaizu at the same time.

The Okuaizu Museum is a very important facility for learning about the culture and history of the Okuaizu region, and with its collection of 23,000 folk artifacts, the museum is dedicated to passing on Okuaizu's traditional culture to future generations. In addition to the exhibits, the museum's architecture, including relocated buildings and recreated huts, is another highlight of the museum. By visiting the Okuaizu Museum, visitors can experience the culture, history, and nature of the Okuaizu region.

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