Fukushima Prefectural Museum

Fukushima Prefectural Museum is a museum that exhibits various cultures and histories that have existed in Fukushima Prefecture since ancient times all in one place. The museum's exhibition rooms house many important cultural assets that Fukushima Prefecture is proud of, and entering an exhibition room is like stepping back in time.

The history of Fukushima from ancient to modern times is exhibited in detail, and visitors can learn about the history of Fukushima starting from the Jomon period. There is also a wealth of folklore materials from Fukushima Prefecture on display, including traditional crafts, farming tools, Buddhist statues, and Japanese swords. Through these materials, visitors can learn about the life and culture of Fukushima.

The museum also focuses on nature materials, displaying the flora and fauna of Fukushima Prefecture, as well as geology and astronomy. It is a very valuable experience to be able to learn while experiencing the nature of Fukushima Prefecture. In addition to permanent exhibits, the Fukushima Prefectural Museum also holds special exhibitions and special exhibitions. Depending on the time of year, valuable materials from Japan and abroad are displayed, attracting many visitors each time.

The Fukushima Prefectural Museum is loved by many people as a place where they can learn about the history, culture and nature of Fukushima Prefecture. Why not visit?

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