Classic Camera Museum

The Classic Camera Museum in Aizuwakamatsu City is a must-see for camera enthusiasts and photography lovers. Located inside the Suehiro Sake Brewery Kaei Kura, the museum displays more than 500 classic cameras, mostly made in Japan.
The museum displays a variety of information ranging from the history of camera manufacturers to how cameras work and how to use them. Especially eye-catching among them will be the diverse lineup of Japanese camera makers from the prewar to postwar periods. In particular, the display space with its array of representative models of Japanese camera makers has an unforgettable charm once seen.

The Classic Camera Museum also displays detailed explanations of the models and information on their historical background. In addition to exhibits, the museum also has a wide variety of documents, literature, and videos to help visitors deepen their knowledge of photography.

The Classic Camera Museum is a fascinating spot where visitors can experience history through photography. It is recommended not only for photography enthusiasts, but also for those interested in the camera itself.
When you visit, why not experience the fascination of various types of photography along with the history of cameras?

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