Aizu Domain School Nisshinkan

Nisshinkan, the Aizu domain school, is an educational facility that played an important role in the modernization of Aizu.
Located in Aizu Wakamatsu City, this clan school produced many highly educated individuals. Nisshinkan adopted the most up-to-date educational system of the time, with a curriculum that uniquely combined national and western studies, enabling students to acquire a broad range of liberal arts education.

In addition, students at Nisshinkan lived by a strict code of tithing.
The Code of Tithing
1 Do not disobey your elders.
2 You must bow to your elders.
3 You must not tell lies.
4. Do not act mean.
5. Do not bully the weak.
6 Do not eat outside.
7 Do not speak to women outdoors.
What is not to be done is not to be done.

This helped to nurture our students to be courteous and well-behaved. Many of Nisshinkan's graduates have been active in a wide range of fields, including politicians, bureaucrats, and military personnel.

Today, the Nisshinkan building has been preserved and visitors can feel the atmosphere of the days when it was a han school.
In addition, teaching materials and stationery used in Nisshinkan are on display in the museum, providing visitors with an insight into the state of education at that time.

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