The beautiful scenery and luxurious interior are among the attractions of Tenkyogakko. It was once the villa of the former Arisugawa family, and when Emperor Taisho stayed here as Crown Prince, he named the mansion "Tenkyogak" because of the resemblance of the scenery and Lake Ming to Li Bai's poem "Minghu Rakutian Kagami".

The exterior is a western-style architecture based on white, with a beautiful façade with magnificent columns and arches. The interior is lavishly decorated, and its beauty was highly praised by successive imperial family members and celebrities who visited the house.

On the first floor of Tenkyo-kaku, the former luxurious drawing room, dining room, and bathrooms have been preserved as they were, allowing visitors to catch a glimpse of the atmosphere of those days. The second floor is open to the public as a reference room, where valuable photographs taken by His Majesty the Emperor and his collection of calligraphies and paintings are on display.

Furthermore, from the Tenkyo-kaku Pavilion, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Inawashiro and other beautiful scenery. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of each season, such as cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall, and especially at dusk, the beauty of the setting sun reflected on the water is exceptional.

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