Takizawa Honjin

Takizawa Honjin" in Aizuwakamatsu City was a rest house used by the lords of the Aizu domain and attracts many tourists as a historical building. Today, as a museum, visitors can learn about the history and culture of the Yokoyama family and the Boshin War.

The Takizawa Honjin building was not only built for the feudal lords to rest, but was also used for clan governance. The Takizawa Honjin played an important role for the city of Aizu Wakamatsu, which was the center of the clan, as it was used for the daimyo's official visits, patrols of the territory, and pilgrimages to the Doitsu Shrine, which is dedicated to the clan founder, Masayuki Hoshina.

Takizawa Honjin was also used as a camp for the Aizu clan during the Boshin War. The lord of the domain, Matsudaira Yoriyasu, went to battle, and bullet holes and sword scars from the battle at that time remain in the tatami room. Visitors to Takizawa Honjin can experience the history of the Boshin War firsthand.

The Takizawa Honjin also exhibits the armory and furnishings of the daily lives of the feudal lords and warriors. The garden of Takizawa Honjin is also a highlight, with waterfalls, ponds, stone lanterns, and other features, offering beautiful seasonal views.

Takizawa Honjin is a representative historical building of Aizu Wakamatsu City and one of the most popular tourist attractions among visitors.

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