Aquamarine Inawashiro Kingfisher Aquarium (Inawashiro Freshwater Fish Museum)

Aquamarine Inawashiro Kingfisher Aquarium is a freshwater fish museum located in Inawashiro Town. It exhibits more than 5,000 freshwater fish of about 60 species living in the Inawashiro area in an environment close to nature. Inside the aquarium, there are many tanks that reproduce the flow of rivers and lakes, where you can see a variety of fish swimming.

One of the most attractive features of the aquarium is the opportunity to observe the ecology of kingfishers. Inside the aquarium, there is a model of the river where kingfishers live, where visitors can learn about their ecology. Also on display is a precious video that captures the moment when a kingfisher dives into the water.

In addition to freshwater fish, there are also exhibits of other freshwater creatures, such as the praying mantis and the Japanese pond smelt. In addition, a touch-and-feel corner where visitors can get up close and personal with fish and a freshwater fish-themed quiz contest are also held, making the exhibit a fun place for the whole family.

This aquarium is loved by local people as a place where they can feel close to the nature of Inawashiro. It is also recommended for tourists visiting Inawashiro as a place where they can have valuable experiences such as exhibiting freshwater fish and observing the ecology of kingfishers.

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