Kiyoshi Saito Museum

Kiyoshi Saito Museum of Art exhibits mainly works by Kiyoshi Saito. Kiyoshi Saito is a Japanese-style painter who has attracted many admirers with his beautiful use of color.

The Kiyoshi Saito Museum of Art exhibits a variety of works by the artist. The museum also introduces the process of creation and the life of painter Kiyoshi Saito, allowing visitors to experience his artistic talent.

In addition to Kiyoshi Saito's works, the museum also hosts a variety of art events and exhibitions. These events and exhibits include both local and nationally and internationally renowned artists, whose works and performances are available for viewing.
The facility is not only for those who are interested in art, but also for those who are not. By visiting the museum, visitors can learn about artist Kiyoshi Saito and diverse art forms, and gain new discoveries and inspiration in their lives.

Near the museum, the artist's home and studio are open to the public as the Kiyoshi Saito Atelier Museum.

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